Rescue Work

The reason we do what we do ......

Winnie on the day she was picked up straying

Her very poorly damaged tail which had to be amputated

With her Dad on her forever sofa - the start of her new life




We rescue hounds who are unwanted, abused and dumped whether from a pet home, a working life or from the greyhound racing industry, both licensed and unregulated.  We provide much needed sanctuary and veterinary care while they are regaining their health and strength.  We work with (and where necessary give funds to) other sighthound rescues nationwide who offer comprehensive rehabilitation and rehoming facilities.



We drive 1,000s of miles every year - in all weathers !!! - to transport these beautiful creatures to safety.




We also organise collections of food to fill all the empty tummies, bedding and kennel coats to keep them warm and snug in the kennels, collars and leads to keep them safe while being transported as the dogs leave the pounds with nothing of their own.  All these items are distributed among the rescues we work with to help make the dogs' lives just that little bit better while they are waiting for their forever homes.