Jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper OBE

Lancky Dogs is extremely proud to have Jilly Cooper OBE, journalist, writer and media star, as our Honorary Friend and Jilly’s two beloved greyhounds, Feather and Bluebell as honorary Lancky Dogs.

Feather was found a tottering skeleton in county Offaly in the middle of winter, still wearing his muzzle; his rescuer reckoned he had been slowly starving to death for three weeks.  It took many months of nursing him back to health by a rescue centre in Ireland before he could join Jilly and start his new life.  Jilly marvels that despite having endured such a miserable beginning, Feather is still the sweetest, kindest, and most gentle natured dog who never bears a grudge against humans.


Feather slowly settled into his new home and got on well with the five resident cats, well four of the five cats.  Even the most gracious of greyhounds might find some cats, ‘Feral’ in particular, hard to please.  Feather’s new status was established by him donning a Xmas hat and featuring as ‘Feather Christmas’ on Jilly’s Christmas card.

When Feather reached eight, Jilly decided it was time for him to have a companion.  Three year old Bluebell, another black greyhound, joined the family in June this year.  She too came from the same rescue in Ireland.  Like so many of the boys - Feather has a gentle, quiet disposition whilst his younger 'sister' Bluebell is much more outgoing.  Jilly deliberately wanted to adopt black greyhounds as not only does she think they are extremely beautiful but she is also aware of what a difficult time they have in finding homes – for reasons which none of us who own a black greyhound can even begin to understand.


Jilly has had various hounds over the years and in her book The Common Years she describes walking her dogs on Putney Common during the changing seasons and her encounters with a host of characters including a variety of dog owners and their hounds.  She is passionate about greyhounds and the raw deal they get in life and is Patron of various greyhound rescue organisations.  Greyhounds appear in several of Jilly's novels Pandora, Wicked and Jump