GGGW 2016

Great Global Greyhound Walk

Great Global Greyhound Walk 2016

St Annes on Sea, Lancashire

The GGGW for 2016 was held on Sunday 19 June and we were part of it.  The weather was extremely kind to us - not too hot for the hounds and not too cold for the humans.  The walk was started by the Mayor of The Fylde and led by Councillor Gail Goodman walking Phoebe.  It took in the beach, promenade and the Victorian gardens.  This was the largest national and international event in the 7 year history of the walk with 5,021 hounds and 222 honorary hounds walking globally.  We had 42 hounds and 3 honorary hounds on our walk contributing to this huge total.

The lifeboat and her crew were on display as we walked by so we stopped to include them in our gathering and show our appreciation for their work

After the walk we hosted a lunch at Ma Baker's where all the humans enjoyed the lovely home cooked food and all the hounds enjoyed their special GGGW goodie bags.