GBGW 2013

Great British Greyhound Walk 2013



There was a very brisk sea breeze indeed at the 2013 GBGW so both hounds and humans needed to be well wrapped up.  However, we were lucky that the threatened rain didn’t materialise and we were able to have a very enjoyable walk – no cobwebs left on us at the end though!  Our official count was 54 hounds and 5 honorary greyhounds putting us up there with some of the best attended walks in the country.  The national numbers came in at 2,602 hounds and 117 honorary hounds – smashing the previous record by 300.

However, we also felt we deserved a prize for having the largest honorary greyhound on our walk – Smooch the Great Dane with his “little greyhound sister Lady”.

The Deputy Mayor of the Fylde performed the ribbon cutting ceremony this year and  was charming and cheerful in the face of the chilly breeze and gave a lovely speech celebrating the joys of greyhounds.


Thank you to all the Lancky Dogs volunteers who helped to make this event such a  huge success – we will just make sure we keep all paws crossed for a bit more sunshine next year.


This year Union Jack bandanas were the order of the day for the hounds to help raise funds for local greyhound rescues – and absolutely no hound was complete without them – and I mean no hound!