GBGW 2011

Great British Greyhound Walk 2011

Lancky Dogs were proud to be part of  the Great British Greyhound Walk (GBGW) which took place on 26 June 2011.

This is an annual national event designed to celebrate and promote the joys of greyhounds as pets.  Walks are organised all over the country to take place at the same time on the same day with the aim of getting as many greyhounds walking together as possible.  This year an amazing total of 2,288 greyhounds (plus their non-hound friends) were walked on a beautiful sunny day across the country with many of the participating groups, including Lancky Dogs, raising money for greyhound rescue organisations.  We were joined by Northern Greyhound Rescue forming one of the largest walks in the country with 64 hounds taking part.

We got off to a fantastic start with the Mayor and Mayoress of Fylde  cutting the LD ribbon to officially start the walk along St Annes’ beach and  promenade and the local councillor for the Ward led the way with Bouncer.  There was a bit of jostling for best position between the Press  photographer and our own LD photographers but we made a fantastic sight.

Thanks to all the LD members who volunteered to act as “officials” in many different capacities.  Your help was invaluable and really helped the day to go so smoothly.

And then all too quickly it was over and we were left with the lovely memories ….. oh yes, and the proof that we really were there!