Isle Of Man

IOM Annual Christmas Fundraiser

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Every year our friends and supporters on the Isle of Man, spearheaded by Jo Hetherington, hold a Coffee Morning/Christmas Fair to help raise funds for Lancky Dogs.  I go over for the weekend and run a stall at the event and catch up with all the dogs that we have homed on the island.  I drag, heave and carry as much as I possibly can onto and off the ferry so that we can put on a good stall and raise lots of money for the houndies !

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There are lots of lovely stalls to browse including greyhound charity goodies, tombola, raffle, books, DVDs and bric a brac.  Plus it seemed the Great British Bake Off came to the Isle of Man with Maggie and Chris's wonderful Brown Cow Bakery who donated all the proceeds from their fabulous baking to our funds

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It is just lovely to be able to catch up with old friends whilst eating home made cakes and drinking gallons of tea !  However, there is lots of hard work to be done but all that was rewarded when, at the end of the day, I had £965 for Lancky Dogs to bring home with me.

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As always, we are extremely grateful to our friends on the Isle of Man for all their support, hard work and hospitality.  It is truly appreciated.  They too go the extra mile to help the hounds in need - and here are just some of the wonderful hounds that now have happy forever homes on the island

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